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In essence...

There are action learning projects and then there are transformative globe-trekking immersion experiences. We prefer the latter. There’s no better way to shape global business ambassadors than for them to walk a mile in another country.

Inspire, Learn
Action Learning, Coaching, Cross-Cultural, Field Trips, Immersion, Instructional Design, Leadership, Presentation Design, Program Branding, Talent Management, Webinar Creation/Facilitation
About This Project

This was a six-month intensive learning experience aimed at preparing VPs for current and future business challenges. Action learning components were built in to each of the modules, with a module devoted entirely to a Chinese immersion learning experience. The program wrapped up with participants delivering their own executive presentations.

  • Architected an action learning experience as part of the overall leadership program
  • Created overall leadership program brand and templates within corporate standards
  • Designed all materials, including agendas, presentations, application journals, name tags/tents, and ancillary elements
  • Coordinated customer and local office site visits
  • Provided on-the-ground program coordination in Guangzhou and Hong Kong
  • Provided graphic design and instructional design support for the talent management module of the overall leadership program
  • Created logos and custom graphics for another company program as well
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