Global Technology Manufacturer

In essence . . .

Our Japanese client needed to connect US leaders to its culture and discuss the implications of Japanese leadership translating into US-run divisions.

About This Project

This program included loads of experiential learning – all with meaningful learnings that stuck around afterwards. We went on field trips (yes, just like when you were a kid). We made messes in the kitchen – too many cooks can be a good thing! And we even trained with Olympic athletes at the Olympic Training Center. During our last iteration, we also converted all learning materials to be deployed via an online learning portal accessed by iPad. And we took advantage of all the the iPads had to offer by leveraging apps for learning activities and journaling.

  • Collaborated with senior organizational development leaders to architect the program
  • Incorporated a variety of experiential learning elements to engage participants and build memorable insights
  • Recommended and coordinated keynote speakers
  • Designed leadership content align leaders to overall global business strategy
  • Created program brand and templates
  • Incorporated assessment, prework, and after learning.
  • Provided instructional design support for 3 cohorts over 3 years for 3 modules each
  • Designed program materials, including presentations, participant guides, bookmarks, etc.
  • Designed learning materials to be deployed via an online learning portal accessed by iPad
  • Integrated leaders as teachers components
  • Custom-designed an action learning capstone focused on innovation
  • Developed and coordinated on-site and off-site company learning experiences
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