Talent Acquisition Pioneer

In essence . . .

Designed a 3-month onboarding program for a primarily millennial audience. To do so, managed 5+ instructional designers working with 20+ subject matter experts on 50+ different topics over a 3-month period.

Action Learning, Business Acumen, Communication, Consulting Skills, Experiential Learning, Instructional Design, Interactive Forms, iPads, Presentation Design, Talent Management, Voice of the Customer
About This Project

We collaborated with a talent acquisition pioneer to create an innovative on-boarding academy. As part of a growth business strategy, this high-profile program was needed to ramp new hires quickly and effectively. The development pace was more than rapid – it was lightening speed! But the program quality was not compromised. The program continues to get employees up to speed and productive in their jobs today.

  • Collaborated with senior leaders to architect the program
  • Mapped specific learning outcomes to learning content, leveraging a variety of internal informal learning resources
  • Partnered with 20+ Subject Matter Experts to identify, create, and validate content, including technical content
  • Created capstone case study to synthesize and apply skills
  • Designed week-long topic-specific bootcamps
  • Strengthened specfic skills through unique and interactive weekly challenges
  • Provided speaker briefing templates for external speakers
  • Integrated customer-focus activities
  • Incorporated wellness challenge throughout the 3-month program
  • Provided onsite instructional design support and on-the-spot updates for a program review and Train-the-Trainer
  • Created unique reflection process and style to fit current trends in capturing and summarizing insights and actions
  • Consulted with internal IT department to architect online learning portal to access materials via laptop
  • Designed program materials, including presentations, participant guides, fillable forms, and other custom materials
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