Sierra Robertson

Location: Seattle, WA

Motto: “Works smart AND hard.”  – Mike Rowe

Hobby: Struggling to read a book while knitting

Favorite Client Moment: Every time I can take an oft-neglected project off a client’s plate, that is a real win-win.


Like Mike Rowe says, Sierra believes in working hard AND smart. She’s found a passion in relieving businesses of those nagging to-dos at the end of their list. As part of the Peak Seven Consulting team, Sierra provides business development, marketing, and social media support. She’s also evaluated new technology platforms to improve business processes. Additionally, her consulting business supports start-ups and authors on social media where she takes the time to read deeply, research thoroughly, and truly take on the voice of the client for whom she writes.

Prior to Peak Seven Consulting, Sierra was a community manager at Project Bionic, where she dove headlong into the world of creating a seamless experience for customers. Collaborating with a team of account managers, writers, and community managers, Sierra worked to provide near-continuous content creation and community communication coverage of in-person and online channels for regional, national, and international client brands. She was also the marketing and administration department of one for a small helicopter flight school and charter service in Seattle, where she leveraged her logistics skills and wore every hat that a small business owner wears during a typical day. In fact, Sierra’s background switching between Instagram and Accounts Payable makes her probably the most orderly, if not the most interesting, marketer you’ll ever meet.

Sierra has a B.A. in Business Administration from Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington. Sierra continues to serve her alma mater and the American Marketing Association in her new role as the VP of Collegiate Relations for the Puget Sound Chapter.


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