Bob Shinn

Bob2_RGBLocation: Colorado Springs, CO

Motto: “If you’re not creating your own economy, you’re at the mercy of someone who is.”

Hobby: Singing and playing guitar and bass

Favorite Client Moment: Standing on the rooftop of a secret government facility and reaching up to touch the rock ceiling of the cavern it is located within, then working late only to emerge from the tunnel into a pitch black night with no lights and having to locate my car in the dark.



Bob Shinn has over thirty-three years of experience in Information Technology.

During his career he has co-founded multiple hi-tech companies, held senior management positions, and lead the development of complex systems for government and commercial clients.

His current focus is on applying the latest internet technologies to create solutions and then promoting them via search engines, email and social media.

He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University.

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