Our clients rely on us to design brilliant learning.


They rely on us to deliver business-critical learning in tight timelines. They rely on us to ensure their success with high-stakes learning initiatives. And they rely on us to design memorable learning experiences that make a notable difference.
And that’s what we do.

A Few Things Our Clients Rely on Us For


    Coordinated and integrate metaphoric learning events such as orchestration, improv, theater, dance, art, music, geocaching, Olympics, etc.


    Created custom living case studies in a variety of industries to include multiple interventions, innovative technology, and live actors.


    Designed a 3-module course in British English with Scandinavian sensibilities and simplicity to meet the multicultural needs of a global company based in Denmark.


    Led an interactive train-the-trainer for coaches in Latin American division of German company.


    Coordinated 42 technical training sessions for over 900 participants in 11 global locations over a 10-week period (and negotiated last minute hotel space).


    Delivered enterprise-wide executive leadership programs with all materials deployed through a secure, custom online learning portal accessed via iPads, including fillable forms, app-based activities, collaboration forums, and online evaluations.


    Designed a 9-month action learning project to accompany key learning modules delivered around the world, culminating in an immersion experience in China.


    Moderated and led webinars, including facilitated discussion, polling, case studies, and break-out sessions.


    Coordinated events with the Olympic Training Center. And on another event planning note, secured specialized furniture in Maastricht, Netherlands, to turn a hotel hallway into an impromptu fireside chat – the same day.


    Built bridges. Literally and figuratively. Actually, provided consultative change management support to newly integrated company while coordinating learning events around the globe.


    Designed, storyboarded, and developed an online supervisory program for high-potentials at a nuclear power plant using Articulate.


    Curated and integrated content from a variety of sources into high-impact learning paths for specific roles and workflows.


    Designed a 3-month onboarding program for a primarily millennial audience (+ a bike building service experience.). To do so, managed 5+ instructional designers working with 20+ subject matter experts on 50+ different topics over a 3-month period.


    Utilized market-based research to create a strategically branded go-to-market seminar program and train-the-trainer for financial advisors.


    Collaborated with a university to create an agricultural conference for leading entrepreneurs in China, with materials mirrored in English and Mandarin.


    Created transformational experiences for participants to listen to (and really hear) their customers.


    Effectively led review meetings from 2:00 - 4:00 a.m. to meet client's global scheduling needs (and walked in the middle of the night with torches).


    Integrated innovative technology-based activities into instructor-led programs to add different learning modalities and increase engagement.

How can we help you?

Our Learning Services

  • Instructional Design

    • Our instructional design is what we are known for. We can honestly say that you probably won’t find anything like it anywhere else. We are asked to be creative and innovative in our designs, and we are. We are asked to take on ambitious global projects, and we do. We are asked to design for executives who have “been there, done that,” and we can. We are asked to meet “impossible” deadlines, and we find a way.
    • Innovative Program Architecture
    • Detailed Program Agendas
    • Memorable Learning Experiences
    • Stunning Presentations and Participant Materials

  • Project Management

    • Our project managers are strategic visionaries, connectors, task-masters, psychologists, and hand-holders. They break through barriers. They keep everyone and everything aligned. They build trust and dry up tears. They keep their eyes on the horizon and their ears to the ground. Aware. Alert. And ready to enable success. Then, they celebrate with you.
    • Project Planning & Management
    • Communication Planning & Management
    • Learning Coordination
    • Materials Production Coordination

  • Learning Path Design

    • Not looking to create a custom learning program, but would rather leverage the massive amount of information that is already out there? That works. Our seasoned instructional designers know where to find trusted, industry-leading ideas and can blend together content from a variety of sources to create unique and relevant learning paths to meet your business goals.
    • Expert Content Curation
    • Competency-based Learning Paths
    • Job Role/Workflow-based Curriculum Paths
    • Blended Learning Paths

  • Learning Delivery

    • Our delivery team stops at nothing to make your program successful. This includes creating an engaging and energizing learning environment, being flexible enough to adapt programs on the fly, ensuring that all event logistics are checked and rechecked, and, of course, making last-minute midnight runs for those inevitable emergencies.
    • Engaging On-site Facilitation
    • Experienced Webinar Facilitation & Moderation
    • Meticulous On-site Program Management
    • “Meets Your Every Need” Event Planning

  • eLearning

    • Are you ready to leave paper and pencil behind? Don’t get me wrong – we love the smell of freshly printed participant guides. And who doesn’t like colored pencils to doodle with? But if you’re looking to go green, engage the millennials in your audience, or jazz up your programs, we’re here to help.
    • Creative Storyboards
    • eLearning Design & Development
    • Cutting-edge Learning Program Portals
    • Innovative Integration of Technology

And How Do We Do This?

Learning is an experience - not a training session.

Our unique experience in the fields of learning, customer experience, and marketing are a powerful combination. We’ve practiced sound learning development processes for 20+ years and intimately understand the elements that make learning successful. Our ability to focus on the customer enables us to walk in the shoes of our learners, planning for what they will see, hear, taste, touch, and feel – planning for the entire learning experience. And our expertise in marketing enables us to package and brand programs to inspire and motivate learners.

At Peak Seven Consulting, we design knock-your-socks-off, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring learning experiences. Learning experiences that ROCK. If you want “spray and pray” or “butts in seats” programs, we are probably not the right partner for you. With everyone’s time at a premium, every minute spent learning had better pay off. We want people to walk away knowing that they spent their time wisely. We want people to walk away impatient to apply all the insights they’ve gained, anxious to hunt for more to learn, and aspiring to improve their performance. If that’s what you want, reach out and say hello.

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