Our approach to marketing starts with you — and your customers.


We want to get to know you. And your customers. First. Then, we figure out how to create spectacular experiences that inspire action. We have inspired people to buy products and services, to experiment with free offers, to sign up for newsletters, to use new technology, and to learn – just to name a few.

You've got a vision. We've got a path to get you there.

Marketing Strategy

Our team goes for the gold. looks at the big picture. Even when we are working within a smaller frame. Maybe we are just doing a custom graphic or a powerpoint design. No matter what, we strive to understand your marketing strategy. We can follow your strategy. We can help you evolve your strategy. Or we can lead the creation of a new strategy. We’ve helped our clients define audience, personas, competition, brand storylines, key messages, tactics, timelines, and budgets. Here are a few ways we’ve turned perspiration into inspiration:

  • Guided clients from Fortune 500 companies on their marketing and brand strategies for high profile leadership programs.
  • Consulted with a database consulting company to guide their marketing strategy.
  • Guided leadership development company on rebranding strategy.
  • Worked with university hospital on their web marketing strategy.
  • Created communication strategies and plans to inspire users to adopt new technology.
Looking for someone to write something people will read? We can help.

Writing & Editing

Writing. We are passionate about it. So passionate, in fact, we write just for fun too. (Check out Pack-n-Go Girls for a quick sample.) We’ve been writing since the day we started Peak Seven Consulting, and we are still writing. And we love to help our clients write. Check out some examples:

  • Penned articles, marketing materials, web content, proposals, and program materials for leadership development companies, business consultants, authors, newspapers, tech start-ups, government officials, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Compiled and wrote research report findings on a study of women in the workplace for an international conglomerate.
  • Copy-edited a clean energy RFP for organization, clarity and grammar, as well as to meet government requirements for content length.
  • Worked with subject matter experts to compile and succinctly write a spiral bound card deck of all services for employees to reference during a company integration.
  • Check out our article in Chief Learning Officer magazine. It’s a little older, but the concepts still apply . . .
Need your materials to say ``Wow?`` That's our desktop publishers' mantra.

Desktop Publishing

Our desktop publishers rock. Seriously. They are, hands down, the most complimented members of our Peak Seven Consulting team. Why? Because they make your work shine. They clean things up. They dust. They polish. And they put it in a package that makes you say, “Wow.” Our desktop publishers have “wowed” our clients with projects such as:

  • Designed slides, participant, and marketing materials in Mandarin, paying attention to the layout that would suit our Chinese clients.
  • Rebranded curriculum and marketing materials in alignment with a new brand strategy for a global training company.
  • Created marketing materials and datasheets for products and services for thought leaders, IT companies, and lean six sigma initiatives.
  • Designed pitch presentations for million-dollar proposals and presentations for Fortune 500 executives.
  • Formatted very quick-turn, 100+ page proposal for a US/China initiative to meet specific government standards, which was awarded.
That time you realize a custom graphic would really add to your story? Our artists are ready to create.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are not just artists. They are creative thinkers who keep your needs in mind. They design things that inspire people – to read, to click, to buy, to use. They design things that work. And as people wholly concerned with the overall customer experience, this is a very important point in our book. Pretty is nice. Designed with the customer in mind is great. Explore a few ways we’ve brought creativity and artistry to our clients’ projects:

  • Designed a custom logo for a learning program that branded a customer transformation, along with many other learning program logos and company logos.
  • Drew custom cartoon strips for a values-based storyboarding activity in a Belgian leadership program.
  • White boarded a continuous illustration for a graphic animation video in our Peak Personal Brand program.
  • Designed custom icons, graphics, bookmarks, postcards, posters, card decks, wallet cards, and other custom print pieces for learning and marketing programs.
  • Delivered art experiences that opened the minds of learners.
Wishing you had some help on your website? (Doesn’t everyone?) We're here.

Web Strategy & Design

While we are not a development shop, we’ve worked in a few. So we do understand development, which is important when you design. A pretty design you can’t build? We don’t like to waste our time or your money. So, we promise to start with your business objectives, the customer experience, and the technical requirements. And you’ll get a killer strategy and design that inspires people to move forward and take action. Interested to know what we’ve done?

  • Developed an overall web strategy and web design for a hospital.
  • Created custom online learning portals for several global enterprise leadership programs, including site architecture, site design, and site development.
  • Leveraging the current design, provided web designs to a client in the financial industry who wanted to make incremental changes to increase conversions and revenue.
  • Provided new website designs for a database consulting company (and web copywriting).
  • Architected and storyboarded an online financial services application information and training website.


Ready to design peak performance on your project?