Debb Oliver

Debb_RGBLocation: Dana Point, CA

Motto: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  – Walt Disney

Hobby: Getting creative by redesigning furniture and oil painting

Favorite Client Moment: While working with a leadership group for a large organization – there was a collective (and audible) “ah-ha” as the group was working through an activity and realized what they had been missing from their team . . . priceless.



Dr. Debb Oliver has over 25 years’ experience in education, learning and development. Working directly with school districts and businesses organizations across the country and abroad, she discovers and elicits innovative ideas for educators and learning development professionals to integrate technology and provide support for the systemic change inevitable with this paradigm shift.

Debb specializes in early stage product development, works with organizations to scope, clarify and manage the product vision, and typically consults with organizations through product delivery and market execution.

Dr. Oliver provides oversight and direction for the non-profit A Brighter World, Inc.’s leadership, business operations and fund raising efforts with over 10 years of experience as a nationally recognized educator in leadership development and innovative learning experiences to the position of Executive Director. She has demonstrated the ability to drive growth and turnaround in this non-profit organization, and to raise significant contributions to support those efforts.

Through her work at the Leadership and Learning Center of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and through her own business Ednak3D, she has consulted with public and private organizations throughout the United States and abroad regarding change management, leadership development and innovative learning scenarios. Debb has a deep love and passion working towards creating and providing relevant learning opportunities that impact the organization through the purposeful actions of its individuals.

Earlier in her career Debb spent 18 years as a teacher and district leader at the elementary and middle grades in public education.

Based on Debb’s work and research over the years, she has authored a book “The Learning Transformation” published in 2015 by Lead + Learn Press to support districts with the transition to student-centered learning. She has written numerous articles about leadership and innovative learning opportunities. Debb holds a doctorate in Education Leadership and Instructional Technology from Idaho State University. She also holds a Master’s in Educational Technology and a Bachelor of Arts in Education. As an explorer in learning and life, Debb embraces every opportunity to investigate new ideas, so she can learn from them and share with others.


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