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Need to get Latin and South American colleagues on board with the coaching process from your European headquarters? That's what we did for this client.

A4 Format, Coaching, Dual Language, Instructional Design, Labs, Presentation Design, Program Branding, Workbooks
About This Project

We love to work globally. This project had us working with a team from Europe and the Americas to design a workplace coaching program for delivery in Bogotá, Colombia – in Spanish.

  • Collaborated with European and American HR team to tailor courseware to support European processes, while at the same time take into account the Americas work culture
  • Designed learning materials, including presentations, participant guides, and job aids
  • Wrote learning materials in English and worked with a Spanish translator to create a Spanish version
  • Provided on-site instructional design support to the new facilitator in Bogotá, Colombia
  • Brought different coaching techniques up for discussion with movie night
  • Incorporated a coaching lab for hands-on practice
  • Developed animato video content
  • Created materials in A4 format
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