Utilities Company

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This client needed to energize learning, energize leadership, and energize performance. We stepped up to help.

Coaching, Instructional Design, Labs, Leadership, Leadership Journey, Presentation Design, Program Branding, Self-Awareness, Workbooks
About This Project

2011 Gold Chief Learning Officer Award

Faced with a large number of retiring employees in the near future, this regional utilities company looked to a team of people to help create a program that would build its next-generation leadership. We were proud to be a part of that team. Leveraging this clients core values and its strategic goals for the future, we collaborated with our client to develop award-winning programs that would energize their employees and create their leaders of the future.

  • Designed a custom, 2-day coaching program for utilities leaders, including supervisors and managers
  • Designed a custom, 3-day leadership program
  • Integrated “laboratory” learning events where leaders practiced skills in work-specific situations
  • Provided instructional design program support and revisions for three cohorts
  • Designed learning materials, including presentations, participant guides, job aids, and toolkits
  • Custom program branding
  • Leveraged the art of film to bring new insights to coaching
  • Incorporated video practice analysis techniques
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