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This client needed UE and IU expertise on its project team. We helped them out and loved every minute of it.

User Experience Design, User Interface Design
About This Project

Developing a new app is exciting. Everyone always has lots of great ideas about the functionality: it should do this, it should do that. But we represent the voice of the customer. For this project, we brought our user experience (UE) and user interface (UI)  design to the project team to help them keep the user in mind at all times. Some days we fought a hard battle, but everyone wanted a great product, so we worked together to make it happen – and in the end, the client was more than pleased.

  • Collaborated with the project team to understand the technical, functional, and data ideas for the app
  • Conducted customer-experience research to understand the needs of the users
  • Developed user personas to guide the project team and design of the app
  • Designed wireframes to capture the architecture and flow of the app from a user perspective
  • Provided design comps based on approved wireframes
  • Designed user interface elements to provide to the technical team

“This is probably THE FIRST in the market that is beautiful, functional, relevant, comprehensive, and simple enough for use by a broad segment of the population. Taking out the complexity of the data and making it interesting and engaging is what Lotta and team did so creatively.” – Sreenivasa, User Interface Design Project

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